Așa cum v-ați dat seama deja, compania ACFC și Yuki Saaki nu există.

Creativitatea va fi mereu a oamenilor. Ca promotor și susținător al creativității, IQads a vrut să vă reamintească acest lucru.

Stay creative, humans!

The future of creativity is here. From the music industry to the advertising one, we create new possibilities, revolutionising the creative process. Fast, new, inspirational ideas and solutions, without the flaws of human nature.
Our company has the most performant and the latest high-tech AI machines, with special creative functions developed, able to produce innovative materials from books to music and advertising campaigns.
We offer you the fastest creative solutions on the market, without the disadvantages that come with human creativity. Our machines are programmed to deliver the most innovative data sets that overcome the human-level intelligence and creativity.
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